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ThreeGorgesDamDr. Xingang Fan


Associate Professor

Department of Geography and Geology

Ogden College of Science and Engineering

Western Kentucky University @ (270) 745-5980

Trained in meteorology and climatology and interested in the research areas that everybody would care on a daily basis: Weather Forecast, Climate Prediction, and Global Climate Change. Other interested areas are listed in the research interest. Joined the Department of Geography and Geology at Western Kentucky University (WKU) in 2009 and love Bowling Green.

I like the research I do, and like teaching too. It is always a great pleasure if I could ever help students with their learning and research. Following are some research highlights. Please check the related links if you are interested.

Recent Research Highlights

Climate Downscaling and Applications

Global climate simulations and projections (e.g. IPCC AR4 and AR5) are downscaled to high resolutions for regional applications in forestry modeling, regional climate change impact studies including droughts and extreme events. Current work focuses on two regions, the United States and the Caribbean region.

In addition to regional climate change analysis, forestry modeling based on projected climate shows tallow tree infestation probabilities over the south-east United States, see more results here ...
GISS_AOM_downscaling_domains US_drought_wet
Tallow_tree_infestation Caribbean domains

Karst Landscape Impacts on Regional Droughts & Floods

Karst landscape presents a unique underlying surface condition for the atmosphere, yet to be included in existing weather and climate models. Its impact on regional drought and local floods has been found significant and unique. Modeling study along with monitoring of physical and chemical properties of the karst landscape are necesary in improving understanding and potential forecasting of regional weather and climate. A WKU funded internal project encourages the development and expansion of the studies along this direction. Learn more about the study here ... US_karst

Afforestation/Reforestation and Regional Climate

Environmental threats and problems from deforestation and desertification have been widely noticed around the globe, including the Amazon rainforests and in China during the Great Leap Forward movement in 1950s. Chinese government has implemented a series of nation-wide projects including the Grain for Green Project, in an attempt to reverse the advert impact from deforestation. Afforestation and reforestation efforts have been proven to be a success; however, will these efforts lead to a better environment? Collaborative studies with Chinese colleagues have been carrying out. Learn more about the progress here ... forest change curve forest change map

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