Xingang Fan


Climate Downscaling for Regional Applications


    Xingang Fan (PI), Western Kentucky University (WKU)
    Zhaofei Fan (Co-PI), Mississippi State University (MSU)
    Valentine Anantharaj, Oak Ridge National Lab

    Liang Chen (Visiting Scholar), WKU/Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Beijing, China
    Michael Crosby, MSU
    Sui Zheng, MSU

Prospective collaborators:

     CCCCC in Belize
     Cuban INSMET
     Belize Weather Office

Global climate simulations and projections (e.g. IPCC AR4 and AR5) are downscaled to high resolutions for regional applications in forestry modeling, regional climate change impact studies including droughts and extreme events. Current work focuses on two regions, the United States and the Caribbean region.

US domainsUS domains (Left)        Caribbean domains (Right)   Caribbean domains

In addition to regional climate change analysis, forestry modeling based on projected climate shows tallow tree infestation probabilities over the south-east United States

seUS tallow tree

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