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3. The City of Monterrey

The City of Monterrey

This mountain, which looks like a saddle, is a major symbol of Monterrey. This is a view from the ITESM campus. Saddle Mountain
Public school children going home for lunch. Monterrey School children
View up one steep road. Monterrey
Funny bus. Dogs are painted on the sides so they look like passengers on the bus. Monterrey bus
Monterrey in bloom: beautiful pink azaleas. Azaleas
Street scene. The green VWs are called "eco-taxis." They take out the passenger seat so one can easily get into the back. Eco-taxi
Art in a mall. Monterrey has many sites familiar to someone from Bowling Green: Sears, Penney's to name two. The art is of a bronze man in a waterful, stairing upward.

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