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2. The Campus of the Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

ITESM Campus

The mission of ITESM is: "educating individuals who are committed to the social, economic and political improvement of their communities, and who are internationally competitive in their areas of speciality. Carrying out research and extenstion relevant to Mexico's sustainable development is also part of the Institute's mission."


The architecture of the campus is wonderful. Here we are in front of their technology building which resembles an Aztec temple. Technology Building
Students gather on the wide steps in front of the building to talk. ITESm students
Picture of the founder of the school. They are known for their engineering and science. The founders were business people. ITESM founder
The ram, a statue is shown here, is the mascot for the Technological Institute. It persists until it reaches the top. ITESM mascot: ram
At the student computer labs Mayan and other artifacts are displayed in cases as you enter. ITESM labs
Campus architecture is beautiful, with native murals and geometic buildings. ITESM architecture
Here is a picture of their Friendship Tree. Each year all international students bring a handful of soil from their home country to place at the base of the tree. Friendship Tree
Students gather outside to eat lunch. ITESM students eat lunch
Art abounds on campus. An abstract piece in bright red.
Campus. The abstract art work from another angle.
Equipment to train students in using industrial equipment. These are called "flexible cells" and is "computer integrated manufacturing." [Sorry, picture got corrupted. P35a]

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