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Grader 2.95™

The fantasy software for all your grading desires. Screenshots below illustrate "in your dreams" applications. When the grading gets tough, the tough go to "Grader 2.95™".

Edit student papers as you've dreamed to


Excellent Rubrics for your grading

New! in 2.95...when you've read one paper or exam too many, Grader 2.95™ includes escape clauses...

Escape from it all!

Order your copy today! For PC or Mac.

Available with Castle in the Sky Screensaver™ and Daydream 2600™. Sail through grading this year, figuratively.

Technical Support for Grader 2.95 is provided by your institution's center for teaching excellence.

Exclusively available from Brainstorm Ink.

Offer void where prohibited by reality.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions By Teachers Using Grader 2.95

Tell me again why I went into teaching?

Look at the shiny object-- you are growing sleepy, very went into teaching for the joy of evaluating student work. It is thrilling to assign value to student papers and tests. When I snap my fingers you will wake up and complete all your grading by the end of the day, feel very relaxed, and give extra credit to the next student you see. <snap>

Is cleaning the bathroom a worthy excuse for avoiding grading papers?

Absolutely, as is defrosting the freezer, cleaning the garage and any other household chores that have been neglected for 6 months. It is well known that these become urgent tasks when faced with the alternative of a stack of blue books. It is even quite acceptable to clean out one's email inbox. Do not, however, forward humorous emails to others as they have their own "urgent" housework to accomplish.

How about running to the grocery for aspirin?

No, because you have aspirin in your medicine cabinet. The excuse must offer plausible deniability.

Can I finish 200 5-page papers by 8 a.m. tomorrow if I try really hard?

Yes, as long as you have plenty of comfort food and good music. And it helps to ignore phone calls and other visitors....including the ones in white coats.

May I share humorous student mistakes with others?

Student work is never funny...never ever funny.*

*certified official public response.

How could the students have gotten that concept wrong? I went over it thoroughly!

The brain is a mysterious organ with more connections than atoms in the universe. If you want a concept to be located by the student in the morass that is the learner's brain, then you have to repeat it a half dozen times in different formats and with varied examples....and magic dust, a lot of magic dust (See Grader 2.95...Rubric...Magic Dust).

How come the students who do the extra credit are the ones who don't need it...and the ones who don't do it are the ones who need it?

I think it has to do with the Coriolis effect.

I forgot, why do I have to grade these papers/exams?

Ummm, let me get back to you on that one.


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