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Summary from POD* 2000 Conference Participants

of Issues in the Case Study

on the Scholarly Use of Technology in Instruction

Following are comments resulting from discussion of the case among participants at my workshop, The Scholarly Use of Technology in Instruction, at the 25th conference of the Professional and Development Network in Higher Education, November 11, 2000, Vancouver, British Columbia.

There was insufficient time to cover issues in depth but these comments provide a worthwhile starting point. If a participant wants to provide elaboration on any of these points, I will insert that elaboration. Just email me. Thank you.

Part I. Clear Goals and Adequate Preparation

What factors should Charlie consider in deciding on his goals for technology for instruction?

From the university/college's point of view, what factors should be considered?

What preparation does Charlie need?

Part II. Appropriate Methods and Significant Results

Identify the issues surrounding appropriate and inappropriate uses of methods in the cases presented.

What evidence has been/can be presented that significant results in learning are present/absent?

Part III. Effective Presentation and Reflective Critique

How is presentation with technology different from/similar to more customary forms of presentation?

How could the three use technology to enhance critical reflection?

Posting the grading criteria [This one is encouraging critical reflection by students, the remainder are critical reflection by the teacher about his/her work]

Unfinished/Open-Ended Issues to Watch

Ideads for Teachers Summary


Word Versions of Handouts

Please inform me if you are using these handouts in a session so I can record it for my accountability reports. Please do not alter the handout documents that have my name and information on them. I will be happy to correct typos you may detect and give you a clean copy. You may choose to develop your own handouts for your circumstances.

To download a Word version of the handouts for printing, click here for the introductory information and here for the cases.


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*POD stands for Professional and Organizational Network in Higher Education (

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