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Philosophy -- News, Information, Links & Activities

American Philosophical Organization (APA) 
APA Guide to Graduate Programs (free download)
APA Undergraduate Philosophy Resources (many good links)
APA Guide to Undergraduate Philosophy Clubs & Groups (free download)
International Directory of Philosophers - issued  by the Philosophy Documentation Center (PDC), this publication provides comprehensive listings of philosophy departments, professionals, journals, societies, etc. in the field

Leiter Reports (philosophy news, blogs, gossip, etc.)
Philosophical Gourmet (a ranking of departments, graduate programs, etc., in philosophy)

Majoring in Philosophy (reasons why Philosophy is a great undergraduate major)
Beyond Academe (APA publication on non-academic jobs for philosophers)
What Can You Do with an M.A. in Philosophy? (answer: a lot more than teach philosophy!) 
The Versatile PhD - website for non-academic and non-faculty careers for PhDs in the humanities, social sciences, and other areas

Philosophy Updates (conferences, calls for papers, employment and funding opportunities)
InPhO - Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project (philosophy search tools for students, researchers, programmers and scholars.  InPhO's taxonomy browser provides an entry point for finding information on philosophical ideas on the web. It allows one to explore related ideas and conduct focused searches at the SEP, Noesis (see below), and Google Scholar with a single click. The ontology currently covers philosophical ideas, thinkers, and journals.)
Phylo  (Phylo explores connections among individuals and institutions in academic philosophy. The database currently contains 17,331 professional philosophers, most of whom studied or taught in North America in the 19th, 20th, or 21st centuries. Phylo's philosophy job wiki is an up-to-date, user-annotated catalog of job  openings in academic philosophy. It enables academic job-seekers to share information about the philosophy job market. The primary purpose of the wiki is to let job seekers share information about the current status of jobs in philosophy. For instance, it allows job-seekers to find out when a particular school has scheduled interviews or made an offer.)

SEP: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 
IEP: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 

PhilPapers (a comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers; the site monitors journals in many areas of philosophy, as well as archives and personal pages; it also accepts articles directly from users, who can provide links or upload copies; some features require one to sign in, but creating an account is free)
PhilEvents (a calendar of academic events and calls for papers in philosophy around the world; one can track upcoming events of interest based on criteria like distance from one's place of residence and topics of interest; PhilEvents is integrated with PhilPapers, and one can sign in on using one's PhilPapers account for customization
Directory of Open-Access Journals (DOAJ): searchable database of scholarly journals online, all subjects and languages)

Daily Nous (news for and about the philosophy profession)
Philosophy News (the latest news, events, books, jobs, and resources in philosophy)
Philosophy Now (British philosophy journal aimed at the educated public)  
The Philosophers' Magazine ("a link between professional philosophers and the wider world")
Institute for Philosophy in Public Life (a bridge between academic philosophy and the general public)

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (professional reviews of recent books in philosophy)
The Philosopher's Eye (new books and resources for the philosophy community)
Books-and-Ideas.net (just what it says: a really interesting place where one can participate) 

PhiloSophos (open learning resources in philosophy) 
Ethics Updates (resources on current ethics literature, both professional and popular)
Pea Soup (an international forum for discussing philosophy, ethics, and academia)

Zeno's Coffeehouse (award-winning site for philosophical puzzles and dilemmas)
Pathways to Philosophy (portal to distance learning programs in philosophy, etc.)

Elucidations (a University of Chicago philosophy podcast)
Very Bad Wizards (podcasts on moral philosophy, moral psychology, and neuroscience)
APA Blogs & Podcasts (links to many good sites)
50 Best Podcasts in Philosophy  (good collection, easily downloaded)
University of Oxford Podcasts (in philosophy and other humanities areas)
philosophy bites (podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on byte-sized topics)
SuchThatCast (podcast site dedicated to introducing various contemporary philosophers, particularly those in phil of technology, .. psychology, and ethics)

iai: Institute of Arts & Ideas (videos of lectures, panels, debates, etc. on philosophy and other subjects) 
Royal Institute of Philosophy (video lectures, etc.)
ThinkingAloud (video interviews with contemporary philosophers on various topics) 
theForum - thinking in public (philosophy podcasts, blogs, essays, books, etc.)
Minerva (philosophy podcasts) 

Stone Links (NYT philosophy blog by "The Opinionator")
Digital Ethics Lab ("every bit as good")
Philosophy Experiments (interactive philosophy programs & games -- downloadable) 

RadioLab (radio episodes and podcasts on the intersection of science and philosophy)
Philos?phy Talk  (a program that questions everything except your intelligence) 
Why?Radio (a live, call-in philosophy talk show!)  

Gap Year Abroad (information about how to spend time abroad after you graduate)

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