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  III. Subjects

       A. Religious Studies
          1. Prophetic Spirituality
               Prophetic Spirituality
          2. Black Christianity/Black Liberation Theology
                Black Christianity and the Prophetic Church: Insights from the Black Theology of James H. Cone
          3. Philosophical Views of God
                Philosophical Views of God
          4. Wrestling with God (Aspects of Jewish Theology)
               Wrestling with God
          5. Universal Religion and Religious Diversity
               Universal Religion and Religious Diversity
          6. Social Gospel
               The Coming Rebirth of the Social Gospel
          7. Brian McLaren's Radical Christianity
               How Radical Was Jesus? A Reflection on Brian McLaren's Everything Must Change
          8. Metaphor and Theological Language
                Searching for Meaning in All the Wrong Places
           9. A Unitarian Christianity Almost without Myth
                A Pauline Christianity Almost Without Myth

     B. Metaphysics

                An Introduction to Aristotle's Categories
                Aristotle on the Track of Knowable Reality (Substance)

     C. Natural Philosophy and Natural Science

          1. Presocratic

                Major Presocratic Philosophers
                Notes on Selected Heraclitus Fragments
                The Atomism of Democritus

          2. Aristotle

                A Simple Introduction to Aristotle's Celestial and Terrestrial Physics
                Charts Related to Aristotle's Causes, Potentiality, and Actuality
                Notes on Aristotle's Definition of Motion and Change
                Notes for Aristotle's On Soul

          3. Stoic physics

          4. Scientific Revolution

                Scientific Background to Modern Philosophy

          5. Psychology—Freud and Reich

                Taboo Science: The Story of Wilhelm Reich (to 1935)

          6. Cognitive Science—Lakoff on Metaphor and Thinking (plus Lakovian reflections by J.G.)

                      An Introductory Essay by George Lakoff
                      Lakoff's Family Moral Models (chart)
                     J. Garrett, Conversation on Family Values
                     The Metaphorical Basis of Folk Morality
                     J. Garrett, The Metaphorical Roots of Ethical Theories
                     Study Questions and Glossary for Lakoff and Johnson, Philosophy in the Flesh
                     J. Garrett, Why Mainstream Philosophy (and Aristotle) Cannot Take Conceptual Metaphor Seriously
                     J. Garrett, The Weirdly Disembodied Character of Analytic Philosophy

     D. Social — Economic — Political

          1. General: Riane Eisler
                Partnership & Domination

          2. Political–Economy

               a. Karl Marx

                      Lecture Notes on Marx for Spring 2013
                      Challenges to Marx and Marxian Socialism (together with Marxian Responses)

                b. Henry George

                      "The Earth Is the Lord's": An Introduction to Henry George's Thought

          3. Political Philosophy
               a. Plato
               b. Libertarianism

                      Libertarianism: A Brief Summary
                      Common Misunderstandings of Libertarianism
                     The Limits of Libertarianism (intermediate level)
                      Autonomy Liberalism and Libertarianism Compared

               c. Rawls

                     John Rawls on Justice
                      John Rawls' Mature Theory ("Political Liberalism")
                      John Rawls on Moral Principles for Individuals
                           (Implications for Contract and Due Care Theories, and Rights to Privacy)
                     Employee Rights: Rawlsian Perspectives
                     Libby and Randy Discuss John Rawls
                     Randy and Libby Discuss Rawls and Affirmative Action
                     Strange Angels—a Rawlsian Parable

               d. Capability Theory
                     Amartya Sen's Ethics of Substantial Freedom
                      Martha Nussbaum on Capabilities and Human Rights
                     Nussbaum and Natural Law Ethics: Capability Theory and the Human Goods

                e. Free Speech in a Time of Crisis
                     Free Speech in Times of Crisis

          4. Ethics
               a. Aristotle
                     Structure of the Nicomachean Ethics (chart)
                     (Aristotelian) Virtue Ethics (Introductory)
                     Dialogue with Aristotle on Ethics
                     Virtues of Thought (chart), based on N.E. VI
               b. Stoics
                     An Introduction to Stoic Ethics
                     Emotions and Values in Turbulent Times
                     On Whether Stoics Can Be Activists
                     Stoic Ethics Is Not Relativist

               c. Aquinas
                     Glossary for Aquinas' Treatises on Happiness and Acts
                     Treatise on Happiness (Summary)
                     Treatise on Human Acts (Summary)
                     Treatise on Virtue (Summary)

               d. Hume
               e. Utilitarianism
               f. Kant
               g. Ross
                     A Simple and Usable Ethical Theory Based on the Ethics of W. D. Ross
               i. Care Theory
                     Care Theory

          5. U.S. History
                Declaring Independence (a new perspective on American history) (7/2004)

          6. Global Injustice
                The Clever Devils Concoct the Master Plan