High-Priority Lectures
and Other Teaching Materials by Dr. Garrett

This page revised September 9, 2012

1. Philosophically Important Greek Words
2. Folk Theories, Metaphors, and Early Greek Philosophy
3. Major Presocratic Philosophers (restored 9-12-08)
4. Notes on Heraclitus (revised slightly 9-26-08)
5. Parmenides Fragment 8 Reworded
6. Two pieces on Socrates' Defense: Argument Reconstruction and Socrates' Convictions. (restored 9-17-08)
7. The Crito: Argument Reconstruction (restored 10-5-08)
8. Notes on Glaucon's Speech in Rep. II.

9. An Introduction to Plato for Philosophy Majors and Minors (10-6-08)
10. Possible Problems with Plato's Theory of Forms
11. Aristotelian Ideas Influential in Late Middle Ages (see item 1)
12. Aristotle on the Track of Knowable Reality (Substance) (lecture notes)
13. (Aristotelian) Virtue Ethics (page designed for PHIL 320)
14. The Stoic Place (see especially Historical Materials)
15. Conceptual Metaphor in Epictetus' Encheiridion chapter 1 (12-10-04)
16. Moral Development According to the Stoics
17. Path to Wisdom According to Plotinus and Neoplatonism
18. The Problem of Universals (added 11-12-04)
19. Notes on the Philosophy of Averroes (Ibn Rushd) (restored: 11-19-08)

Other materials will be made available here as the semester proceeds.