Although Cristina Peri Rossi’s literary work is mostly comprised of poetry and fiction narrative, she has produced several pieces of nonfiction work. She released her first collection of essays in 1989 called Fantasías eróticas (Erotic Fantasies), in which she discusses eroticism as it has been perceived throughout history and in today’s society. She followed up with another collection in 1991 titled Acerca de la escritura (About writing). In 2001, Peri Rossi wrote Julio Cortázar, a work that spoke of her close friendship with the famous Argentinean writer, as well as describing her own theory behind the cause of his death. Two years later, Peri Rossi wrote Cuando fumar era un placer (When Smoking was a Pleasure) a collection she wrote five years after she quit smoking (for health reasons, not pleasure). The most recent nonfiction work by the author can be found in a collection of journalistic articles called El Pulso del mundo: artículos periodísticos 1978-2002 (The Pulse of the World: journalistic articles 1978-2002) published in 2004 with a forward written by Elena Poniatowska, a well-respected Mexican writer and journalist.


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