by Davy Stone
Tomorrow Woman has been one of my favorite additions by Grant Morrison to the JLA mythos (and that's a real compliment considering all he's done with the book).  Although she's only appeared a handful of times, I think she's really captured the attention of the JLAudience.

I had already dremelled down Black Cat's furry legs and arms and ripped off her hair in preparation for making a Borg Queen (an idea courtsey of Ian McLean, who has some wonderful Andorian and Animated Trek customs -- check 'em out), but before I could do any more work on her, Playmates announced their release of a reasonably priced 5" Borg Queen.  So this base figure sat around for a while.  I thought about turning her into a TJ-style Wonder Woman (and I even once sculpted a bustier on her), but in the end I went another direction with the Amazon Princess.

All things considered, I don't really consider this figure done -- just at a standstill.  I still have a few fixes here and there I want to take care of (including one day re-doing the skirt), but until I figure out how to do those things, she'll be on the shelf with my other customs.


Parts Used:
Base figure: Black Cat
Hair, glove & boot cuffs, and kneepads: Sculpey
Cape: TJ Superman cape and cut plastic
Skirt: Irrodescent plastic
Links in this table will connect you to customs made from other parts of same figure.

Featured at
Custom Toy Fair 1999
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