by Davy Stone
I was never quite happy with this custom.  The paint application came off a little bit rough, especially around the face.   We eventually started cruelly referring to her as the "Burn Victim Wonder Woman."  Now that there are WW in both the TJ line and the Animated line, I've removed this custom from rotation and placed it in the custom graveyard.  The Silver Sable hair has been repurposed as the new long locks for my Black Canary TJ custom.


What I wrote before:

After a somewhat iffy start using a Black Cat figure as a base, I finally decided that Leslie Hancock had the right idea by using the Savage Land Storm.  I still thought that Black Cat's hair looked more like Wonder Woman's, but after seeing several people (including Leslie herself) use the Silver Sable hair successfully, I couldn't make up my mind.  My solution -- create a "Wig Wearin' Wonder Woman!"

First, I removed Savage Land Storm's pony-tail, and I sanded down the rest of her head so the "wigs" could fit over it.  Next, I sculpted her boots, bracelets, bustier, belt and tiara from Sculpey.  While boiling the sculpey to cure it, I tried to bend her gimp-leg back into some normal shape, but it didn't work very well :-(.  Finally, after sanding everything down, I painted WW using regular acrylics. 

The more I look at this figure in her different wigs, the more I realize I'm much happier with the Silver Sable hair.  For some reason it just looks cleaner, sorta like Mike Deodato's version of the good princess.  Although she can still wear both wigs, in her "private time" (which she spends on a shelf in between Captain Marvel and Plastic Man ;-), she wears the Deodato wig almost exclusively.

One thing I like about making my own customs is that I get to fix "problems" the original characters have, and Wonder Woman had just such a problem.  Basically, I've always wondered why any self-respecting princess would wear both gold and silver at the same time.  It just looks really tacky in my eyes, a huge fashion faux-pas, and so I gave  my WW figure gold bracelets to reflect a much more fashion conscious Princess Diana. 

Parts Used:
Body and head: Savage Land Storm
Hair: Black Cat and Silver Sable
Bracelets, Belt, bustier, tiara and boots: Sculpey
Lasso: elastic craft cording
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