by Davy Stone & Wayne Decker

I'm not sure why I felt the need to make this Moondragon custom.  It's not like I'm a huge Marvel fan.  I think I only own one book that features her -- some old edition of the New Defenders, I believe.  Yet something about her look really speaks to me.  Okay, perhaps it's the bald thing.  Bald women are hot.  Sinead, Sigorney, Ilia; I just have this thing for bald women, so Moondragon is an obvious choice for me to customize, especially since I was already looking to branch out and customize a few Marvel characters.

My first real roadblock came when I started looking for control art.  The comic I once had is probably long gone, so I set out to find an image on the internet.  I found two, but both featured a much more revealing costume than the one I remembered.  I just have a hard time customizing women in butt-floss.  So I asked a friend and Toybiz customizer (thanks Ken!) to see if he could round me up some better control art to use, and he was more than willing to help me make a move toward Marvel customs.

Moondragon started out as a Battle Blasters Jean Grey, one of the most useful bodies out there for 5" TJ or Toy Biz customizing.  I removed her hair with a screwdriver (which itself was a challenge) and used Milliput to both fill in the hole in the back of her head and to smooth out the few dings I made in removing the hair.  I also used Milliput to fill in the grooves on her legs and arms.  I took the cape and heated it in boiling water before reshaping it to better fit her body.  Then I used a little Kneadatite to fill in the hole in the back of the cape.

After that it was all paint.  This was my first custom in some time to not use a red/yellow color scheme, and it was wonderful to see the coverage other colors can give.  While painting my friend Wayne helped finalize her last coats of paint.


Parts Used:
Body: Battle Blasters Jean Grey
Cape: Backlash
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