by Davy Stone
Have you ever had a custom that you started out because you thought it'd be easy, but then you ended up doing more work than on any other custom you've done? 

Deathstroke was like that.

If you look at the Backlash figure (which I bought because I wanted the cape), you might notice that he looks incredibly like Deathstroke, only in reverse.  He looks like a mirror image of the Titan's original Terminating foe, and I figured I could just customize the figure as is and then reverse the image on my webpage.  After all, I'm not so anal about my figures that I couldn't have a figure done as his mirror-self.  

First I started off by cutting of Backlash's ponytail and dremelling down the boots.  Next I created more suitable boot cuffs.  Just as I was beginning to work on the belt and ammunition strap, I realized that I wouldn't be happy with them as-is.  The strap on Backlash didn't really swag around his ribcage like I wanted it to, so I first decided to dremel some of it off.  This quickly turned to dremelling off the whole strap, which meant I had to carve in the chest details that weren't there.  That wasn't as difficult as I'd have guessed, but it wasn't easy either.

Once that was done, I realized that I there was no longer a point in doing the mirror-Deathstroke.  So first I puttied over his right eye and filled in the knee joint holes with sculpey and then cured the figure in boiling water.  He came out looking great, but it then hit me that his hip pouch was now on the wrong side.  I tried to cut it off with an exacto knife, but soon learned that my dremel cutting disc made the job much easier (and safer).  I smoothed out the now removed pouch using plumber's putty and the glued it back on the appropriate side.

Then I added rubber bands for his belt, his ammunition strap and his collar.  


Parts Used:
Base figure: Backlash (from Iron Man line)
Belts and straps: Rubber bands
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