by Davy Stone and Chip Kraus

I've seen the good Captain made using a Capture Net Superman before, but I can't recall where.  Was it one another one of Chris Galdieri's Scratchbuilder columns way back when?  

Regardless, we had to make Cap here because we already had Bucky finished (or so we thought), and we wanted the two of them together before we posted them online.  So while finishing some other figures, I started sculpting the boot cuffs and gloves using Kneadatite, which I also used to smooth out the head.  Then a thorough sanding, and after a quick primer to make sure all had been done, I handed him over to Chip to paint.  

I really appreciate Chip coming out of custom retirement to paint this figure.  It was one he'd committed to some time ago, and I'm glad he was able to finish him.

Parts Used:
Body: Capture Net Superman
Gloves & Boot Cuffs: Kneadatite
Shield: Electro Spark Captain America
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