by Chip Kraus

Our 100th Custom Online

This custom is eight years in the making.

Chip hasn't customized his own figures in some time.  Sure, he's helped me here or there with painting small details, but mostly he just watches (and grumbles about the mess I make).  But when he learned we were approaching our one hundredth custom, he told me exactly what he wanted that special number to be -- Bucky, our first Marvel custom, and one of the very first customs Chip made eight years ago.  We hadn't put him up on the web before now because Chip wanted to wait until we had Captain America to go with him, and that figure never quite happened... until now.  So to celebrate our 8th anniversary, I convinced Chip to go ahead and make Cap (well, I helped) so we could finally put Bucky online.

Bucky was made from a Crime Fighter (or Arctic Blast) Robin.  After the Robin details were sanded down, Chip added the boot cuffs using rubber bands and sculpted the shirt front (incorrectly, as it turns out, but more on that in a second) using sculpey.  Since we're a little more picky now than we were then, I went ahead and sculpted on the collar that Chip had before been happy to paint on.   Chip retouched his paint job to better match the new Captain America, and new photos complete the package.

It wasn't until we were doing the touch-up painting that we discovered that we'd mis-sculpted the flap on his chest.  We discussed what to do, but decided, for the time being, to go ahead and post him as is. After all, it's been eight years.  Who knows how long it would take us to get him finished if we started sculpting on him again?

Anyway, here he is.  Our 100th custom.

Parts Used:
Body: Crime Fighter Robin
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