by Davy Stone
Starfire had two other false starts before I finally settled on this recipe.  Originally I was gonna use the Harley base with modified Princess What's-Her-Name's ponytail as hair, but it was just too straight and flat.  Then, I decided that I could modify a La Lunitica into a somewhat animated-looking figure, but after a few modifications the effort to success ratio seemed to great for me to continue.

Then I remembered another thought I'd had for this figure long ago -- the Creeper's boa looks very much like Starfire hair. I returned to the Harley base figure (I liked her size compared to the other New Teen Titans I was completing at the same time) and tried on the hair.  It would require quite a bit of modification, but so would all my other ideas.

After adding about a pound of Sculpey to the hair, I cured it using boiling water.  Later on Chip sculpted her bangs, and they were cured separately in the oven and glued on near the the end of the project.  Her hair prevents her from standing much at all.

I gave Harley biceps and breasts enhancements with Sculpey, as well as adding a ridge for her boot tops.  Then I  boiled her, too.  Finally, I added a ridge around her neck-plate using a paper clip, created her gauntlets and shoulder strap using rubber bands, and I sculpted her boot detailing, belt buckle and cleavage gem (how many people have cleavage gems, for god's sake?) out of plumber's putty.  

Finally I painted the figure using acrylic paints. This wasn't the easiest paint job I've done.  First, Starfire's costume is from the George Perez "difficult is better" school.  Second, all the colors except the greens of her eyes had to be custom mixed.  I don't like to mix colors, but I was quite pleased with the final result.  For the hair I mixed a brown with a dab of orange.  For the flesh I mixed equal parts light brown and orange, then I added a touch of white and yellow until I was happy with it.  

I also had a hard time deciding on a color for her costume.  After studying various pictures by different artists I've decided that it's almost a metallic lavender color.  But because I want to use metallic colors sparingly in my ADCU figures, I mixed a light purple.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Animated Harley Quinn
Hair: Creeper's Boa
Various details: Rubber bands, paper clip, plumber's putty
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