by Davy Stone & Chip Kraus
I'm proud of my Dr. Fate custom as much for the diorama I've pictured him in as for the figure itself.  As far as the figure goes, he's a standard custom, although I did swap out the hands with a Creeper to give him a magic-users pose. 

His is working his magic on the top floor of the Ghostbuster's building, which just happens to have a very nice skylight.  After filling the room with accessories befitting Dr. Fate, we began to develop the atmosphere.  

It took three of us to take the picture.  While Chip held a light above the skylight, our friend McCullough blew smoke into the scene through the windows while I took the picture.  

UPDATE:  I took more pictures of Dr. Fate in this diorama using dry ice instead of regular smoke, but it bas a bigger challenge than I'd thought.  It takes several people to handle all the details. Another point to consider if you're planning on photographing with dry ice -- it's a heavy fog that flows to the lowest point possible.  You almost have to build a lip around the area you want foggy so all the smoke doesn't roll off the table and into the floor.  Also, if you have anything like the floor grating below Dr. Fate (see top pic), you'll need to block it off so that all the fog doesn't flow downstairs.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Batman 
Helmet: Sculpey
Hands: Creeper
Cape: Batman's cape, blister plastic and a thumbtack
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