by Davy Stone & Chip Kraus
I never liked this character.  Not much at all, til recently. Chip has felt the same way.  So when it came time to add her to our YJ roster, Chip gave me one specific order:  I was not allowed to "waste" a Li'l Robin base on this figure.  Fortunately, I had another base which could work -- Lilith, from the Darkstalkers line.  She's a bit more shapely than the other kids this size, but I thought that would work well for the Star-Spangled Kid, who has always been depicted as a bit shapely herself.  

First I removed her wings and head.  The head popped off without any trouble, but the wings were glued in so they took a bit more work.  I then took the Pocahontas head and dremelled out a hole so the neck could fit down over the peg (the Lilith figure's head was separate from the neck-peg, which was attached to the figure).  

Next, I sculpted her cosmic belt and boots using Milliput (or Kneaditite, I don't remember which).  I'd originally bought a GI Joe figure to do a boot-swap, but Lilith's legs were so skinny that it would have made a difficult conversion.  I did, however, swap out Lilith's hands for those of the GI Joe, so she'd look a little more animated and so that she could hold a cosmic rod.

Once the figure was sanded down, I started painting using water-based acrylic craft paint.  

Parts Used:
Base figure: Lilith
Head: Some BK Pocahontas toy
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