by Davy Stone & Chip Kraus
Getting the coloration on this figure to the point where I was happy with it was a bitch!

But more on that in a minute.

By the time I'd  finished my first wave of Lil' Young Justice figures, Empress had already joined the team.  But at that time there were several other YJ team members I wanted to customize first.  It took me a bit longer -- years -- to get back around to making another wave of YJ figures, but I finally made it back around to this corner of the DCU. 

I chose this base figure for a few reasons.  First, she was at the same scale as the other Lil' YJ figures I've made.  Second, some of her details (her loincloth and top) lent themselves nicely to this character with some modification.

To be sure it wasn't an easy custom.  To make it as on model as I could, I used my dremel to carve down the loincloth area, meaning a lot of sculpting and smoothing before the figure was back into shape to use.   I also decided that I had to use a different head.  Since Spoiler has a full face mask and different hair than the base figure, I thought it would be useless  to sculpt over this face and cut the hair, too.  So I saved the head for the Star-Spangled Kid and used one from a spare Rogue figure instead.  For her masked version I modified an old Silver Sable head.

Painting this figure took an ungodly amount of time.  I hate yellow paint.  Empress normally wears colors that are hard to match.  I tried multiple variations.  Finally Chip reminded me that since these are supposed to be in the Animated universe, I should go for more primary colors and forget trying to match the color of the comic.  You'll notice a big difference in the maroon/burgandy/purple color from the micro-hero to my custom.  

Parts Used:
Base figure: Some Burger King Pocahontas toy (her sister, I think)
Head: Rogue / Silver Sable
Hair: Savage Land Storm
Links in this table will connect you to customs made from other parts of same figure.

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