by Davy Stone

This one sorta happened by accident.  We had bought the "Mulan takes a Bath" playset for the accessories, but it came with a figure we had no used for -- Mulan in her underwear getting ready for a bath (I swear I'm not making this up).  The figure had real potential as an animated base, but not many heros run around in a camisole and bloomers.  But once I saw that her one visible ear seemed pointed, I quickly realized that she was going to be Arisia.  After all, Arisia fit in very well with my plans of creating a teenage girl version for each superhero family.

I had to do rather extensive dremelling on this figure (specifically carving off the long hair flowing over the side of her face, as well as carving off the bloomers she wore).  Then, I sculpted an ear to match the one she already had, and I also sculpted a small mini-skirt.  

Parts Used:
Base figure: Mulan in her Underwear
Ear and skirt: Sculpey
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