The Procyonidae is a family of New World carnivores, Order Carnivora, consisting of six genera:
Bassaricyon (five species, Central America and northern and central South America), Bassariscus
(two species, western U.S., Mexico and Central America), Nasua (two species, southwestern
U.S. south to northern Argentina), Nasuella (one species, northwestern South America), Potos
(one species, central Mexico south to central South America), and Procyon (three species, northern
Canada south to northern Argentina and Uruguay). Procyon sp. has been widely introduced
worldwide: in the New World, to islands off Alaska and British Columbia, Prince Edward Island,
the Bahamas and other West Indian islands, and Juan Fernandez (west of Chile); in the Old
World, to several Western European states, Russia, and several of the ex-USSR republics.
Native procyonid forms are found on Vancouver Island, several islands in the Gulf of California,
the Tres Marias Islands, Cozumel Island, Trinidad, and Tobago.

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