The Heteromyidae is a good-sized (about six genera and sixty species in total) family of rodents
(Suborder Castorimorpha) divided into the subfamilies Dipodomyinae (kangaroo rats & mice;
genera Dipodomys and Microdipodops, western Canada, central and western U.S., and Mexico),
Heteromyinae (spiny pocket mice; genera Heteromys and Liomys, southern Texas, Mexico,
Central America, and northwestern South America), and Perognathinae (pocket mice; genera
Chaetodipus and Perognathus, western Canada, central and western U.S., and northern and
central Mexico). Present on many nearshore islands along both coasts of Baja California; present
on Trinidad, Tobago and Margarita off the northern coast of South America.

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