The Emballonuridae is a good-sized (about a dozen genera and fifty species in total) family of microchiropteran bats divided into the
subfamilies Taphozoinae (genera Saccolaimus and Taphozous, Old World) and Emballonurinae (Old World and New World).
Emballonurid species have been reported on many islands, including Aruba, Margarita, Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada north of
Venezuela; Sao Sebastiao (Brazil) and Sao Tiago (Cape Verde Islands) in the Atlantic; Zanzibar, Pemba, Assumption, Aldabra,
the Seychelles, the Mascarenes, the Andamans and the Nicobars in the Indian; and a large number of others in the Australasian
Archipelago and West Pacific (extending northward to the Northern Marianas, eastward to American Samoa, and southward to Fiji).

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