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Philosophy 415-001, Advanced Logic, Fall 2006

Instructor: Dr. C. Pinnick

Raphael.  The Judgment of Solomon (ceiling panel).


Required Texts:

Introduction to Logic, Copi and Cohen (Prentice Hall).

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Hume (Hackett).

Logic, Kant ( Dover).

Recommended Texts:

The Language of First-Order Logic, Barwise & Etchemendy (CSLI).

Reasoning from Evidence, Gustason (Macmillan).

Course Description: Advanced Logic builds on the formal techniques introduced in Elementary Logic and introduces students to topics in the Philosophy of Logic. The course aims to study correct reasoning. The methodology includes techniques for analyzing, evaluating, and preparing formal proofs, and the application of quantitative techniques to appraise the strength of deductive and ampliative arguments. Good reasoning requires the mastery of the skills just mentioned. A good grade in this course requires that students demonstrate mastery of the skills.

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