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Because of the advent of software that allows automatic collection of e-mail addresses from websites, I am resorting to a roundabout way of providing my contact information.

Comments or questions about this site, or a particular page, may be e-mailed to me by combining


with the ending

Remember, no spaces. Before you E-mail me see below for

Please read BEFORE you e-mail me:
If you are commenting about one of my webpages,

please provide the URL of the page to which you are referring-- I have hundreds of webpages. I do genuinely appreciate feedback and corrections.

On occasion others have had one of my sites open within the frame of their site or duplicate it on their webpage. If you find a navigational link that isn't working, that may be the cause. I appreciate hearing if that happens and the URL of the website where you came upon it. I post the information to be helpful, but I wish to maintain editorial control of the material and I want users to understand the source of the information they are reading.

I speak and read only English, so cannot respond to messages in another language. Sorry. Wish I could.

I provide the last modified date on each page so you have some idea of how current the information is. That date, however, may reflect a cosmetic change to the page, rather than a substantive update.

If you want to ask about a presentation of mine,

I'd be delighted to speak/e-mail with you about my presentations. I keep handouts, etc. at I do appreciate getting corrections. Thanks!

If you are a student seeking advice for a paper or project,

If you are one of my current (or former) students I really love to hear from you! Don't hesitate to write. You are my Number One priority.

If you are not one of my students, while I'd like to help everyone, I have to prioritize so I can first help those who are paying tuition to the folks who pay my salary. I do enjoy hearing from people from all over the world and will try to help if I can do so quickly. You can help me respond by providing the following:

This information helps me know at what level to direct suggestions, what resources you probably have available (or don't) and what level of language to use in the reply. It's also polite.

I usually respond within a few days, unless I'm on a school break. I do appreciate questions as they help me enhance my webpages.

If you want to ask a question about psychological measurement or clinical issues,

Please understand that I am not allowed by licensing law or by ethical standards to address individual cases in e-mail. Psychologists consider it unethical to give clinical advice or assistance without having developed a therapeutic relationship with the individual. That requires more contact and information than is possible in this particular situation.

I am obliged to refer you to a local psychologist for assistance, without offering my opinion on the specifics. Resources for locating professional assistance locally include:

I am willing to discuss general principles in an educational context. Any reply that I make to a query will be couched in terms of general principles that can be obtained from widely available textbooks.

Something else for you to consider before e-mailing on a personal matter:

It is hazardous to e-mail personal information as confidentiality cannot be assured. E-mail is not private and your Internet Service Provider has the capacity to view your e-mails. Employers monitor e-mail, others may have access to your computer and e-mail has a way of never disappearing once created.


Who am I?

I am the author, webmaster, and, frequently, the illustrator of several websites. I provide these sites out of personal and academic interest in the topics and they reflect my personal opinions and interests. I am a Ph.D., clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Kentucky but I am first a teacher and do not maintain a private practice. My work life involves faculty instructional development and teaching.

I hope you have enjoyed my webpages and I genuinely enjoy hearing from visitors. I want you to know what limitations I operate under so you can more efficiently allocate your time and effort (as well as my time and effort) in getting your answers.

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