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Doctor of Psychology in Applied Psychology program

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology

PSY 440 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 442 Clinical Interviewing

PSY 445 Introduction to Clinical Psychology

PSY 495 History and Systems

PSY 560 Intellectual Assessment

PSY 562 Intellectual Assessment Practicum

PSY 592 Internship

PSY 642 Clinical Interviewing

PSY 660 Personality Assessment

PSY 662 Practicum

PSY 791 Advanced Psychology Practice

PSY 877 Advanced Supervision


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Rick Grieve, Ph. D.

Professor of Psychology

I am a full professor in the Department of Psychology. I teach classes in both the MA Clinical and Doctor of Psychology in Applied Psychology programs. My research interests lie in the area of eating disorders, and right now I am investigating men's eating disorders, especially muscle dysmorphia. What is muscle dysmorphia, you ask? I'm glad you did. Think anorexia nervosa, but with large men who think they are too small. I am also interested in sport fan behaviors. Sport fandom encompasses the good, the bad, and the ugly of what happens when people are attached to sport teams. I am also interested in the causes and correlates of attachment to sport teams. I have studies that I am running in both areas.

I coordinate the Clinical and Applied Research (CAR) Group. This is a group of graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in conducting research in either one of the above-mentioned areas.

Just a quick note if you have read this far: the Sport Psychology Forum is having its 17th Annual gathering in the spring of 2021 in Gary Ransdell Hall (date to be determined). You are welcome to join us!


Contact me:

Location: GRH 3018

Telephone #: (270) 745-4417

E-mail: rick.grieve@wku.edu

Office Hours: MWThF 8:00-9:00; F 1:00-2:00