Nancye and Dr. Dance
  Favorite activity: Dancing Favorite dances: All of them Favorite dancers: Derek and Julianne Hough  Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing  Nancye and Dr. Dance have won numerous awards in couples and team dance competitions Dance ABOUT US
 Our Favorite Songs Spirit in the Sky (Swing) The Game of Love (Cha Cha) You Make Me Feel So Young (Foxtrot) I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Rumba) Santa Maria (Tango) Les Bicyclettes De Belize (Waltz) She Believes in Me (Nightclub 2) Mambo #5 (Mambo/Salsa) Precious Thing (Country Two Step) When I Get Low I Get High (Quickstep) Our Favorite Links shapeimage_5_link_1 shapeimage_5_link_2 shapeimage_5_link_3 shapeimage_5_link_4
Dance Dance
About Nancye and Dr. Dance (Mark)
Dr. Dance is a former Arthur Murray instructor and championship dancer. He learned to dance by forming the Hughes Social Dance Club in Southern California and becoming its first president. Mark then entered a few amateur dance contests, capturing first place several times, and placing in the top three on numerous occasions. When Country-Western Dance became hot, he danced with performance teams and in couples competition After years of studio study and advanced choreography, mixed with team performance and couples competition, Mark focused on a program of personal growth and discovered satisfaction in dancing. His years of dance experience and excellence as a dance instructor are evident in his approach to ballroom, country-western, swing dance, contemporary dance, and show choreography.
Nancye has danced ballroom with Mark since they met and has a strong background classical and modern dance. She danced ballet, tap, and jazz since age six and has enjoyed dancing in musical and theatre productions. She has always had a passion for dance and ballroom dancing is a perfect fit. Nancye is also a fitness enthusiast and currently teaches exercise, strength training, and yoga for seniors.