The Movies
A long time ago (1977), in a movie theater far, far away (ok, in Morganfield, KY), I saw the first Star Wars movie.  I was seven years old, and I was blown away.  The first Star Wars movie began a new revolution in science fiction films, as well as in the movie effects industry.  Today, the Star Wars movies are still going strong, with the last of six films debuting in the summer of 2005..

The Toys
When Kenner first began making Star Wars toys, I don't think anyone suspected the scope of what would be accomplished.  So many figures were produced that it was nearly impossible for any one person to get them all. 

The figures were a standard size for the time, 3 3/4", which meant that my Star Wars toys could play with many other toys in my toybox.

Amazingly, in 1995, Kenner started all over again.  In anticipation of a re-release of the original triology, Kenner started releasing the line again, starting from scratch.  Amazingly, the figures looked even better than they did the first time.  Figures that I thought were originally great now paled in comparison. 

I have no idea how many figures Kenner has released in either the original line or the new one.  What I do know is that this is THE definitive toy line for my generation. 

Custom Figures

R5-D4 (green variant)


Coming Soon

Why Customize Star Wars at All?

The Star Wars line is perhaps the most complete line of figures ever produced.  So much so that customizers who don't want to waste time making a figure that will likely be made can be very frustrated.  Indeed, almost every figure I ever intended to customize in the Star Wars universe was eventually made by Kenner.

So why are we customizing Star Wars figures at all?  Dioramas.  At this stage, Chip and I are building dioramas of several of our favorite moments in the Star Wars films.  Those dioramas are extremely easy to do given the sheer number of toys already produced.  And with the way that Hasbro (the Kenner name has been absorbed by Hasbro) is mass producing these toys, it's also fairly cheap to buy things like huge ships if only you're patient enough to wait for a clearance sale.

While some figures are just fine to have multiples of (Stormtroopers and Imperial Guards, who all look identical anyway), there are others that are too identifiable for me to put too many into a diorama.  Characters such as the various R2 and R5 units, the X-Wing and Snowspeeder pilots, for instance.  I don't want multiple R2-D2s running around my dioramas simply because he's a character in my eyes, not a  class of droids.  

So those are the figures we'll be customizing.  There won't be many on this page.  But this page WILL feature pictures of the various dioramas that we'll be putting together.