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              Western Kentucky University

              Department of Economics

              Bowling Green, KY 42101

              Email: david.zimmer [at sign] wku [dot] edu








·       Copula Modeling: An Introduction for Practitioners.

Now Publishers, 2007, Hanover, MA. (with P.K. Trivedi)




·       Did the ACA's ‘Guaranteed Issue’ Provision Cause Adverse Selection into Nongroup Insurance? Analysis using a Copula-Based Hurdle Model.”

Health Economics, forthcoming. (with G. Marra and R. Radice)


·       “Estimating the Binary Endogenous Effect of Insurance on Doctor Visits by Copula-Based Regression Additive Models.”

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, forthcoming. (with G. Marra and R. Radice)


·       “The Effect of Job Displacement on Mental Health, When Mental Health Feeds Back to Future Job Displacement.”

Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, forthcoming.


·       “The Effect of Management Changes on Winning in Professional Sports: Analysis Using a Dynamic Lag Adjustment Model.”

Managerial and Decision Economics, forthcoming. (with B. Goff and D. Wilson)


·       “The Effect of Hearing Impairments on Wage Earnings: Evidence from a Copula-Based Spline Selection Model.”

Labour, 2019, 33, 147-161.


·       “The Accuracy of Self-Reported Smoking among Blacks.”

Review of Black Political Economy, 2018, 45, 166-180.


·       “Using Copulas to Estimate the Coefficient of a Binary Endogenous Regressor in a Poisson Regression: Application to the Effect of Insurance on Doctor Visits.”

Health Economics, 2018, 27, 545-556.


·       “Do High School Gifted Programs Lead to Later-in-Life Success?”

Journal of Labor Research, 2018, 39, 201-218. (with D. Welsch)


·       “Did the Demand for Crestor Shrink when Lipitor’s Patent Expired?”

Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 2018, 18, 139-149.


·       “The Heterogeneous Impact of Insurance on Health Care Demand Among Young Adults: A Panel Data Analysis.”

Journal of Applied Statistics, 2018, 45, 1277-1291.


·       ”Hertz-Dollar Thrift: Fixing a Merger to Avoid Litigation.”

In The Antitrust Revolution: Economics, Competition, and Policy (7th Edition),

Edited by J.E. Kwoka and L.J. White, 2018, pp. 87-102. Oxford University Press: New York. (with M. Doane, L. Froeb, and G. Werden)


·       Is the ACA Bringing the Family Back Together (for Tax Purposes?) Investigating the Dependent Coverage Mandate Effect on Dependent Tax Exemptions.”

Review of Economics of the Household, 2017, 15, 1159-1176. (with D. Shane)


·       “Movies, Mass Consumers, and Critics: Economics and Politics of a Two-Sided Market.”

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·       “A Note on Identification of Bivariate Copulas for Discrete Count Data.”

Econometrics, 2017, 5, 1-11. (with P. Trivedi)


·       “What Percent of the U.S. Population is Predisposed Toward High Cholesterol?”

International Journal of Cardiology, 2016, 214, 90-91.


·       “Crop Price Comovements during Extreme Market Downturns.”

Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2016, 60, 265-283.


·       “The Dynamic Relationship between School Size and Academic Performance: An Investigation of Elementary Schools in Wisconsin.”

Research in Economics, 2016, 70, 158-169. (with D. Welsch)


·       “Analyzing Comovements in Housing Prices using Vine Copulas.”

Economic Inquiry, 2015, 53, 1156-1169.


·       “Asymmetric Dependence in Housing Prices: Evidence from U.S. and International Data.”

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·       “Does COBRA Reduce the Probability that Job Separators Return to Work?”

Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 2015, 18, 326-340.


·       Employment Effects of Health Shocks: The Role of Fringe Benefits.”

Bulletin of Economic Research, 2015, 67, 346-358.


·       The Relationship between Student Transfers and District Academic Performance: Accounting for Feedback Effects.

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·       “Time-Varying Correlation in Housing Prices.”

Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2015, 51, 86-100.


·       “The Effect of Medicare Part D on Prescription Drug Composition Demand.”

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·       “Why do Movie Studios Produce R-rated Films?”

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·       Cost-offsets of Prescription Drug Expenditures: Data Analysis via a Copula-based Bivariate Dynamic Hurdle Model.”

Health Economics, 2014, 23, 1242-1259. (with P. Deb and P. Trivedi)

[Previously circulated as NBER Working Paper #15191]


·       “Success at the Summer Olympics: How Much Do Economic Factors Explain?”

Econometrics, 2014, 2, 169-202. (with P. Trivedi)


·       “Intertemporal Persistence in Health Care Spending and Utilization: The Role of Insurance.”

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·       “Does COBRA's Retroactive Coverage Feature Encourage Delayed Enrollment?”

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·       “The Role of Copulas in the Housing Crisis.”

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·       “Do Student Migrations Affect School Performance? Evidence from Wisconsin’s Inter-District Public School Program.”

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·       The Relationship between Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Health Care Spending: Selection Across Multiple Dimensions.”

Eastern Economic Journal, 2012, 38, 118-133.


·       “Family Asthma and Maternal Labor Supply.”

Journal of Economics, 2012, 38, 49-63. (with C. Strow)


·       “The Dependence Structure of Income Distribution.”

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·       The Effects of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program on Insurance Status and Health Care Utilization of Children.”

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Econometrics Journal, 2004, 7, 566-584. (with A.C. Cameron, T. Li, and P.K. Trivedi)






Works in progress


·       “The Effects of Infant Daycare on Later-in-Life Employment Outcomes.” [download]


·       “Missing School to Visit the Doctor?  Analysis Using a Copula-Based  Endogenous Switching Regressions Model.” [download]


·       “The Effects of Poverty on Marital Separation: Accounting for Dynamic Feedback.” [download]


·       “A Trivariate Model for Estimating the Effects of Two Binary Endogenous Explanatory Variables: Application to the Impact of Medical Care Usage on Work Absenteeism.” (with P. Filippou, G. Marra, and R. Radice) [download]


·       “A Copula-Based Finite Mixture Sample Selection Model: Application to the Effects of Hearing Problems on Female Wage Earnings.” [download]


·       The Effects of Absent Fathers on Adolescent Criminal Activity: An Economic Approach.” [download]


·       “Did Subsidies Included in the 2009 Stimulus Package Encourage Enrollment in COBRA?” [download]


·       “Does Preventive Care Reduce Usage of Curative Services?” [download]


·       “Pricing and Market Concentration: A New Estimation Strategy” (with M. Doane, L. Froeb, and G. Werden) [download]


·       The Dynamic Relationship between Health and Health Insurance in the U.S.” [download]


·       “Inequality in Durations of Insurance Loss Following Employment Disruption.” [download]


·       “Does Health Insurance Always Increase Health Spending? Evidence on Distributional Effects from Inpatient Hospital Stays” (with D. Shane) [download]






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