MATH 237-002                            Multivariable Calculus                       Fall 2014     


11:30 – 12:25 Mondays and (Fridays)*                   COHH 3121                   4 credit hours

11:10 – 12:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays

*This class meets every other Friday.  It does NOT meet on 9/19, 10/17, 10/31, 11/14, 12/5.


Instructor:  Dr. Tom Richmond                 COHH 3106                  270-745-6219



Office Hours:             1:30-2:30 Monday, 11:30-12:25 Wednesday, 10:00-11:00 Tuesday & Thursday

                                    and by appointment


Purpose of Course:  In the prerequisite courses, you have studied the concepts of differentiation and integration applied to planar curves.  In this course, you will extend these concepts to curves or surfaces in 3-dimensional space, and more generally, to functions f : Rn --> Rm.


Learning Outcomes:

            • Interpret information presented in mathematical form.

            • Communicate mathematical information symbolically, visually, and/or numerically.

            Know the difference between functions of a single variable and functions of several variables, and be able to distinguish between ordinary derivatives, partial derivatives, and directional derivatives

            Understand multiple integration and line integration, and be able to use them to find area, volumes, and lengths.

            • Understand how to apply appropriate mathematical models to solve real-world problems.


Prerequisite:  MATH 137 with a grade of C or better.


Attendance Policy:  Registration in a course obligates the student to be regular and punctual in class attendance.  Four or more unexcused absences from class may result in an "F" as final course grade.  A student absent from class bears full responsibility for subject matter and announcements missed.


Testing and Grading:  Students are responsible for material presented in class and the material in the text.  There will be four one-hour in-class tests, each worth 100 points.  The comprehensive final exam, to be given at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, December 11, is worth 150 points.  Homework will be assigned regularly on WebAssign, and will be scaled to 120 points.  There may be up to 50 points of other daily grades, consisting of written homework, quizzes, or projects.  Grading will follow the 10-point scale.


Text: Multivariable Calculus, 10th Ed., Larson, Edwards.  Brooks/Cole, 2014  and/or WebAssign code (which includes electronic access to the textbook). 

WebAssign:   Go to and log on with the class key: wku 0767 0901.


Course Outline:  We will cover all the material included in the text, from Chapter 11 to Chapter 15.


Last day to withdraw:       October 15.

As with all WKU classes, student work may be checked using plagiarism detection software.


“In compliance with university policy, students with disabilities who require accommodations (academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids or services) for this course must contact the Office for Student Disability Services in DUC A-200 of the Student Success Center in Downing University Center.  Please DO NOT request accommodations directly from the professor or instructor without a letter of accommodation from the Office for Student Disability Services.”