MATH 183-001                      Introductory Statistics                              Spring 2014     


8:00-9:20  TR                                      COHH 3117                                       3 credit hours


Instructor:  Dr. Tom Richmond        COHH 3106               745-6219                                 


Office Hours:             2:00-3:00 Monday & Thursday, 9:35-10:35 Tuesday & Thursday

                                    and by appointment




Introductory Statistics students will learn to interpret, illustrate, and communicate mathematical and statistical ideas.  Students will learn to model and solve problems, analyze data by means of frequency distributions and the statistics which describe them, learn concepts from introductory to elementary probability theory, and utilize the binomial and normal probability distributions and statistical inference.  An emphasis is placed on applied real-world problems.  This course is not accepted for credit toward a mathematics major or minor.


Learning Objectives:

Math 183 specifically meets these five learning objectives as part of the general education requirement for quantitative reasoning:

     Interpret information presented in mathematical and/or statistical form

     Illustrate and communicate mathematical and/or statistical information symbolically,

      visually, and/or numerically.

     Determine when computations are needed and execute the appropriate computations.

     Apply an appropriate model to the problem to be solved.

     Make inferences, evaluate assumptions, and assess limitations in estimation modeling and/or

       statistical analysis.


Prerequisite: Eligibility for College Algebra based on Math ACT or MPE scores (ACT Math ≥ 22 or MPE ≥ 14), or DMA 096 with a grade of C or better. 


Electronic Textbook (with access code)

Triola, F. Mario.  Elementary Statistics Using the TI-83/84 Plus Calculator.  3rd edition. Pearson.

The physical textbook is optional; the entire content of the textbook can be accessed electronically within the MyStatLab program.


Material to be covered: 

We will cover selected topics from the first 15 chapters of the textbook.



Each student will need a graphing calculator for use in the class and for assignments.  A TI-83 or TI-84 Plus is required.  Classroom demonstrations will be done using the TI-84 Plus.  Cell phone calculators are not permitted for use on tests. 


A subscription (access code) to MyStatLab is required, and is packaged with the eBook.    The Course ID is: richmond40426


Attendance Policy:  Registration in a course obligates the student to be regular and punctual in class attendance.  Four or more unexcused absences from class may result in an "F" as final course grade.  A student absent from class bears full responsibility for subject matter and announcements missed.


Testing and Grading:  Students are responsible for material presented in class and the material in the text.  There will be three one-hour in-class tests, each worth 100 points.  The comprehensive final exam, to be given at 8:00 a.m. Monday, May 12, is worth 120 points. MyStatLab homework will be scaled to 120 points. 

            Three tests                               300 points                   ~56%

            MyStatLab Homework            120 points                   ~22%

            Comprehensive Final Exam     120 points                   ~22%


Grading will follow the 10-point scale. 90% of the total number of points is an A, 80% a B, etc.



As with all WKU classes, student work may be checked using plagiarism detection software.



Last Date to Withdraw:  March 21.


“In compliance with university policy, students with disabilities who require accommodations (academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids or services) for this course must contact the Office for Student Disability Services in DUC A-200 of the Student Success Center in Downing University Center.  Please DO NOT request accommodations directly from the professor or instructor without a letter of accommodation from the Office for Student Disability Services.”
















Hear are the instructions for registering for MyStatLab.  You must do this because all of the homework is online.