MATH 137-002                                 Calculus II                                       Fall 2013     


10:20 – 11:15 MWF;    9:35 – 10:30 TR             COHH 3123                      4 credit hours


Instructor:  Dr. Tom Richmond        COHH 3106               745-6219                                 


Office Hours:             Tu/Th 8:30-9:30;   W 1:45-2:30;  F 9:00-10:00

                                    and by appointment


Recitation Leader:  Stephen Guffey   

                        COHH 2127  745-4058         Office Hours:   2:00-3:00 MTWRF and by appointment


Purpose of Course:  Mathematics is at the foundation of science, and calculus is at the foundation of mathematics. This course is a continuation of Math 136.  Some topics covered include techniques and applications of integration, some differential equations, sequences, infinite series, parametric equations, and polar coordinates.


Prerequisite:  MATH 136 with a C or better.


Attendance Policy:  Registration in a course obligates the student to be regular and punctual in class attendance.  Four or more unexcused absences from class may result in an "F" as final course grade.  A student absent from class bears full responsibility for subject matter and announcements missed.


Testing and Grading:  Students are responsible for material presented in class and the material in the text.  There will be four one-hour in-class tests, each worth 100 points.  The comprehensive final exam, to be given at 10:30 Thursday, December 12, is worth 150 points.  There will be up to 75 points of homework, assigned and graded regularly using WebAssign.  There may be up to 50 points of additional daily grades, consisting of homework, quizzes, or projects.   Some assignments will require MathematicaTM.  Grading will follow the 10-point scale.


Text: Calculus of a Single Variable Early Transcendental Functions, 5th Edition. 

Larson, Edwards.   Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning © 2011.


WebAssign Access:  At, enter the Class Key:  wku 8829 9778


Course Outline:  We will cover Sections 5.8-5.9 and Chapters 7-10.


Some assignments will require the use of graphing or computing technology.   You will be encouraged to use graphing calculators as an aid to (but not a substitute for) learning.  I will use the TI-84 for calculator demonstrations.  As with all WKU classes, student work may be checked using plagiarism detection software.


Learning Outcomes:  In this course, you will learn to

• Apply various techniques of integration to solve indefinite and definite integrals

• Model volume, arc length, fluid force, and other applications using integrals

• Test infinite series for convergence

• Calculate areas using polar coordinates

• Model scenarios with differential equations and obtain graphical and analytic solutions.


Last Date to Withdraw/Audit:  October 16.


“In compliance with university policy, students with disabilities who require accommodations (academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids or services) for this course must contact the Office for Student Disability Services in DUC A-200 of the Student Success Center in Downing University Center.  Please DO NOT request accommodations directly from the professor or instructor without a letter of accommodation from the Office for Student Disability Services.”