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Steel Toe Books Releases Ken Waldman’s Fifth Book, Conditions and Cures

Bowling Green, KY—Steel Toe Books is pleased to announce the publication of Ken Waldman's fifth full-length poetry collection, Conditions and Cures.

What's special about the book is not only an extraordinary thematic unity―the whole collection is, indeed, an exploration of various conditions and cures―but also the 17-poem sonnet sequence, "Comedy Hour." Here, Waldman takes Norman Cousins' theory of laughter as healing agent, and runs with it, including poems about W.C. Fields, Charlie Chaplin, The Three Stooges, and Lenny Bruce, among others. Members of Steel Toe’s editorial staff agree with Philip Dacey who writes, "Full of poems that stand alone as consummate achievements, Conditions and Cure nevertheless coheres as a book about life-and-death verities, strategies for survival or triumph or at least coping gracefully. The comic is one of those strategies, and Ken Waldman is often at his most hilarious when he's addressing subjects another poet might murder with solemnity."

Poems in the book were previously published in such journals as Arts & Letters, Many Mountains Moving, Natural Bridge, New Delta Review, Puerto del Sol, The Southeast Review, and West Branch.

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