PSY361 Basics of SPSS

     Opening SPSS:
     Double click on "SPSS 8.0"

     Entering Data:
    Here are some data to enter:
IQ-scores: 86, 92, 99, 101, 107, 110, 115, 125.

    Enter them into each cell, e.g.,


     Double click "var"
     Type in a variable name, such as iq_score (make sure there are no spaces between words)
     Click "OK"

     Labeling values:

If you have nominal data, such as gender, then you must label the values you use.

Here is some gender data: Male, Male, Female, Female, Female, Female, Male, Female
The data would be entered in as #'s, e.g., 1's and 2's. Once the data was entered then you name it and assign the value labels.

     Double click "var"
     Click on "labels"
     Fill in the all information (values & value labels)
     Click on add to place value with value labels
It should look like this:

     Click on continue
     Click "OK"


Basic statistics:

     Click on statistics
     Go to summarize
     Click on frequencies

     Place variable(s) in the right hand box
     Click on statistics button and place a check mark by mean, skewness, median, and
     Std. deviation.

     Click on continue
     Click "OK"


     Click on statistics.
     Click on correlate
     Click on bivariate

     Click on the variables that you want to examine the correlation between.
     Click on "OK"