Sheila S. FLener KYCID
Interior Design Instructor

 “The basic unit of interior design is place.  The concept of place implies that the environments we created are complex totalities that function as real and coherent location where life takes place.  In the process of creating places of particular qualities, individual elements automatically suggest themselves as belonging together to achieve the desired effect.  Every design expresses something, whether intentionally or not.  It tells us something about the character (real or desired) of those who use the space, the attitude towards the context in which the project occurs and about some of the preferences and design tendencies of both the designer and the user group.  Designs, like people and their belongings, embody ways of being and acting.  Particular expressions are chosen and approved by clients because they help convey, materially, who they are or aspire to be.  The interior design of a place can embody the particular essence of the group using the project” (Rengel, 223).