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Organizational Development

Administrative Positions

Director, Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching

Managed and implemented faculty instructional development programs. Supervised seminars and various publications. Planned and implemented new programs. Provided consultation as requested by faculty. Served as representative to Kentucky faculty development committee. 2003-4 oversaw move of Center to new location, new name (previously Center for Teaching & Learning), and new cover design. Supervised three full-time staff, one part-time and three student workers.

Sample Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching Programs

Western Kentucky University, Spring 1995 to June 2013.

Interim Director, Center for Teaching and Learning (renamed Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching 2004)

Managed and implemented faculty instructional development programs. Supervised two full-time staff.Western Kentucky University, Fall 1994 to Spring 1995.

Acting Department Head, Department of Psychology

Supervised course assignments, prepared preliminary salary savings report, managed graduate applications and undergraduate degree programs. Responsible for two secretaries and three student workers as well as summer teaching faculty. Western Kentucky University, Summer 1994. August 7-15, 1995, November 10-13, 1995.

Chair, Personnel Committee, First Christian Church

Supervised 6-8 person staff. Prepared a Personnel Handbook, wrote staff job descriptions, and supervised 5 search committees. Introduced background check and TB test. Managed benefits and personnel portion of budget.1994 to 1998.

Chair, Faculty Senate

Responsible for managing committees, chairing the Executive Committee which set the agenda for the Senate, and directing the meetings. Supervised creation of faculty rating scale for the President and administration of yearly faculty morale survey. Managed membership and assisted with elections. Served as representative to administrative retreats. 1992-93.

Research Coordinator.

Supervised undergraduates in various research and academic tasks while helping them tie their work to classroom experiences. Instructor: Judith Cohen Conger, Ph.D. Purdue University. Summer, Spring, and Fall, l984-85.

Undergraduate Advisor.

Psychology Undergraduate Counseling Office. Provided educational, vocational, and some supportive counseling to undergraduate majors in psychology on a drop-in basis. Supervisor: David Santogrossi, Ph.D. Purdue University. Summer, Spring, and Fall, l983-84.

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National Faculty Development

Ad Hoc Committee on To Improve the Academy transition to electronic journal. for Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. 2013

Ambassador to new members for Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. 2006

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education Electronic Communications Committee 2004-6, 2010-present. Created epub version of conference program

2006 Network Conference Web System/Database Manager for Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. 2003 (Created archive for conference materials), 2004, 2005, 2006

2003 Conference Coordinator and Conference Database Manager for annual conference of Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education in Denver, Colorado.

2002 Program Chair for annual conference of Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education in Atlanta, Georgia. Created ASP confirmation site and conference program site.

2001 Program Chair for annual conference of Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education in St. Louis, Missouri. Created ASP submission site and review site.

Created Bright Ideas ASP website for Bright Ideas subcommittee of Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. 2000-2006.

Service on Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, Core Committee (Board of Directors) 2000-2003. Vision, NTLF-POD Collaboration, Electronic Communication and Resource subcommittees.

Reviewer for Journal on Excellence in College Teaching. December 2004 to present.

Reviewer for Online Journal of Distance Education Administration, January 2004 to present.

Reviewer for Innovative Higher Education, February 2000 to present.

Reviewer for Project Syllabus. 2000

Reviewer for the 2000 POD Conference program, May 2000.

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Kentucky Council for Postsecondary Education, Faculty Development Workgroup member, 2000-2013. Manage the listserv for the group.

Founding member of Educating Latinos for Kentucky’s Future. 2006

KYVU Mission and Goals Meeting, Nov 2005

DLST Distance Education Needs Assessment Workgroup, Chair, Fall 2004-5.

Teaching Listserv Writing Consortium. Organized sharing of message writing for adjunct teaching listservs. Involved 6 state schools. fall 2002-3

Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University Faculty Development Workgroup member, Council on Postsecondary Education, 1998-2000.

Course Quality Audit Subcommittee, fall 2000.


Policy Development and Implementation

Ad Hoc Committee on Accessibility of Online Courses 2012-2013

Academic Technology Advisory Group

Blackboard Academic Suite Pilot Group, Fall 2006

PodCasting Pilot Group, Fall 2006

Engagement Transcript Advisory Committee, 2006-07.

Technical Support for Teaching Committee, fall 2005-fall 2006.

Student Affairs Professional Development Committee, 2005 to present.

Leadership Enhancement Council, 2005-06.

American Democracy Project Coordinator, July 2005 to July 2006.

Adjunct Faculty Technology Committee, summer 2003

ADA/Section 508 Compliance in On-line Teaching: Guideline Development Committee, spring - fall 2003

Human Resources Staff Development Plan Task Force, fall 2002-summer 2003

Chaired Freshman Seminar Task Force, spring 2002.

Laptop University Planning Group, 2001-2003

Action Agenda Coordinating committee, 2001-2002.

Diversity Committee, 2000.

Adjunct Faculty committee, spring 2000.

ReachU committee (Academic Affairs Distance Learning Committee which coordinates WKU distributed learning strategy and provides consultation for Provost), 1997-present.

-provided foundation for student tutorial for Blackboard

-served on subcommittee to create on-line student rating process, 2000-2002. Preceded by service on Potter College student rating instrument committee, 1999.

Intellectual Property Committee, Assisted in major revision of university intellectual property policy. 1998-1999.

Chaired University committee on faculty evaluation implementation. Developed the Student Input to Teaching Evaluation scale, and Guidelines for using Student Input to Teaching Evaluation (SITE), 1996.

"Scholarship Reconsidered" committee,

Strategic Planning

Quality Enhancement Plan Core Group Member, 2005-2006. QEP Research Committee 2006-8.

Housing and Residence Life Strategic Planning Committee, fall 2005

"Challenging the Spirit"

"Western XXI" Strategic Planning

"Moving to a New Level" University Mission Development

Faculty Governance

Faculty Senate

Faculty Regent Advisory Committee, 1992-1998.

Academic Council, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences, Alternate Representative, l990-l99l.

Graduate Curriculum Committee, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences, l986 to l988.

Gerontology Program Curriculum Committee, l986 to 1988; 2000-2001.

Accreditation Activities

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

AACSB accreditation

Outside reviewer for Austin Peay Psychology Department, April 3, 1998.

Search Committees

Director of Distance Learning, 2012-2013

QEP Web Designer, Information Technology/Academic Affairs, summer 2006

Instructional Coordinator, DELO, summer 2004

Special Assistive Technologist, summer 2004

Instructor, Psychology Department, spring 2004

Center for Teaching & Learning, Instructional Coordinator , fall 2004.

CTL, Office Associate, spring 2002.

CTL, Instructional Coordinator, Chair, spring, summer 2001.

CTL Faculty Associate, spring 2001.

Department Head, Psychology Department, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, fall 2000.

Gordon Ford College of Business Instructional Technology Consultant, fall 2000.

Academic Technology Consultant for the Academic Technology Department, spring 2000.

CTL Office Associate, summer 1999.

Vice-President for Information Technology,1999.

2 CTL Faculty Associates, spring 1999.

Potter College Instructional Technology Consultant, 1998-99.

Academic Technology Consultant for the Academic Technology Department,1999.

Assistant to the Vice-President for Information Technology, Spring 1997.

WKU Athletic Director Search Committee, l99l.

Psychology Department Search Committee, l987, 1995.

Unit Support Activities

New Faculty Notes. Weekly message to new faculty about how to be successful. 2004-2013. Idea adopted by University of California-Berkeley center.

Digital Discourse. Bi-monthly messages to faculty with an interest in instructional technology. Since August, 2006. Has 143 members as of October 2006.

New York Times Project Coordinator, August 2004 to June 2013. Includes coordination of delivery and assessment, campus speakers, campus contests.

Advisor Sharing meetings spring 2005

Tsunami Response Committee. winter 2005.

Mental Health Units at WKU. 2005.

University Experience Steering Committee. 2003-7. Serving on Professional Development Subcommittee.

UC101 (later UC 175 and then UE 175) Governing Board member, serving on Library Skills & Learning Community subcommittees, fall 2002 to 2003.

Professional and Training and Development to Enhance Civic Engagement committee, fall 2003.

Student Rating Development for Technology Instruction Committee for Potter College, 2000.

WKU Department Head Retreat Committee, 1997-98.

University Academic Complaint Committee, 1994.

University Faculty Development Committee, 1991-1993.

College of Education Museum Committee, 1992-1993.

Faculty Advisory Council, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences, l987 to l989.

Faculty Excellence Award Subcommittee, l987 to l989.

Advisory Committee for the Caregiver Project, developing educational resources for caregivers of adults. l987 to l988.

WKU Campus Child Care Health Advisory Committee, l987-1992.


Department Continuance Committee, Ongoing.

Department Rank and Promotion Committee. Ongoing.

Clinical/School Program Alumni Listserv Development and maintenance, spring 2003 and ongoing. (113 on the list as of summer 2006).

Representative to Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center (CEATTC), a network for training human service professionals in serving substance abusing populations. Jan. 2003 - present

Clinic Retreat Committee, fall 2002.

Clinical Learning Outcomes Committee, fall 2002

Created Career Decision Tree for Psychology Undergraduates, 2000-2001.

Internet Advisory Board for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Div. 2, American Psychological Association, Spring, 2000-Spring, 2002.


Consulting with Lexington Theological Seminary on their efforts to provide online learning. 2005 - 2006.

A-V Team for First Christian Church, 2002-2004.

Understanding the Caregiver. Invited presentation to Bowling Green Ministerial Association. January 26, 2001.

Helped develop and provide Training on "Avoiding Sexual Harassment" for the Kentucky Regional office of the Disciples of Christ (First Christian Church) denomination. 1998 - 2003.

Board member, WKU Adult Day Care, 1990 to 1999.

Chair, Personnel Committee, First Christian Church, 1994 to 1998.

Maintain publically accessible websites on Mysteries in Academia, Key Events in Psychological Assessment, and several other topics of use to the general population or instructors.

Great Onyx Job Corps, periodic speaker on life planning. 1995, 1996.

St. Genevieve, Flood Relief worker, September, 1993.

Consultant to the Senior Network Project, a peer-counseling program for persons over 65. Summer l99l.

Assessment Consultant to Children of the Americas, a non-profit group that brings children from Guatemala to Bowling Green for medical treatment. l989.

Team captain for Big Brothers and Sisters Bowl-a-thon, l99l, l990.

Habitat for Humanity Selection Committee, l990 to l992.

United Way of Southern Kentucky campaign, department chairperson, l990.

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Sample of Seminars Offered

Best Practices in Using Blackboard for Instruction. May 12, 2006. Bowling Green Technical College.

Hollingsworth, R., Greer-Pitt, S., & Kuhlenschmidt, S. (2006, June). Principles of Good Practice: Building High Quality Learning Communities Online. invited address for Murray State via Elluminate Internet connection.

Issues in Online Assessment, fall 2004. WKU.

What the Best College Teachers Do: Book Club. Spring 2005. WKU.

Creating an Online Learning Environment for Deep Learning. April 27-29, 2003. Invited facilitator for 3 week online discussion and conference discussion. Teaching in Higher Education Forum. Louisiana State University.

Blackboard does Pedagogy? Moving Beyond Text on a Page. April 24, 2003. Invited address for the University of Cincinnati.

Growing Motivation for Library Skills. January 22, 2003. Invited address for the University of Kentucky Libraries.

Behind the Curtain: Creating the Website for the POD Conference. Fall 2002. Atlanta, Georgia: POD Conference.

'First things First: Clear Goals and Adequate Preparation' and 'Tools for Surviving and Thriving On-line'
Invited address for the Public Health Consortium of Kentucky Higher Education. Richmond, KY. March 19, 2001.

Changing Trends in Instruction
Presented WKU. February 11, 2001.

Effective Testing
Presented for several departments on campus. 2000-2001.

Maintain Academic Standards and Still Meet Student Needs?
Facilitated Bowling Green Community College discussion. February 20, 2001.

Motivating Students for On-line Learning.
Invited address for Henderson Community College, Henderson, KY. August 8, 2000.

Learning from your home: Internet Education.
Presentation open to the Glasgow community, Glasgow, KY. March 8, 2000.

Using Technology to Make Connections: Experiential Learning, Career Employment and Technology.
Invited address for the Kentucky Association for Cooperative Education and Career Education, Bowling Green, KY. June 1999.

Planting the Seeds for Student Learning via the Internet.
Invited address for the Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges System Summer Institute on Distance Learning, Elizabethtown, KY. July 1999.

Growing a Scholarly Web Course.
Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University, Lexington, KY, November, 1998; Louisville, KY. May 1999.

Effective Classroom Tests.
Center for Teaching and Learning, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. March 26, 1999.

Creating a Teaching Portfolio.
Center for Teaching and Learning, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. annual presentation with Sam Evans or Carol Graham.

Getting Off on the Right Foot: An Emergency Kit for New Faculty.
Center for Teaching and Learning, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. August, 1999.

How to Get into Graduate School.
Psychology Department, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. annual presentation.

Humor in the Classroom.
Center for Teaching and Learning, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. June 3, 1997.

Using Visuals in Presentation Software.
Center for Teaching and Learning, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. Offered regularly in various formats.

Using a Web Document in Teaching.
Center for Teaching and Learning, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. April 11, 1996.

Exploring Metaphors in Teaching.
Center for Teaching and Learning, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. March 26, 1996.

Critical Incidents in Teaching.
Center for Teaching and Learning, WKU, Bowling Green, KY. July 20, 1994; April 1, 1996

Wechsler Intelligence Scale III Training.
Bowling Green, March 1992, July 1992; Louisville, Jefferson County Schools August 1992; Hopkinsville, KY, Christian County Schools, October 1992.

Living With Stress: Caring for the Caregiver.
WKU Adult Day Care, Bowling Green, KY. Offered regularly.

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