General Practicum Evaluation
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General Practicum Evaluation

This is a generic evaluation form and checklist for graduate students taking a therapy practicum. It was developed by Lynn Clark and Elsie Dotson. These are the minimal behaviors expected of a practicum student. The specific practicum and practicum supervisor will require more.

  1. Availability: The trainee has set aside sufficient time for case work in his or her schedule and makes an effort to be readily available for such clinic assignments.
  2. Clinic Appointments: The case manager is present and on time for all clinic appointments, clears with the supervisor in advance of setting or changing appointment times.
  3. Clinic Procedures: The case manager demonstrates familiarity and knowledge of clinic procedures and resources. This may include:
  4. Case Preparation: The case manager is adequately prepared for each clinic appointment and for the staffings of the case. This may include:
  5. Case Management: The case manager demonstrates a mastery of intervention skills, sensitivity and observes ethical guidelines in client interactions. This may include:
  6. Observation of ethical guidelines: The case manager adheres to the ethical guidelines as ennuciated by the APA and the Psychological Clinic. This may include:
  7. Supervision: The case manager actively and planfully seeks supervision, and appropriately adheres to the treatment strategy as worked out in the staffings. This may include:
  8. Other

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