Behavior Modification (Psy 443/G)

This evaluation sheet is a sample formatted for general information and to be accessible via the WWW. This sample is subject to modification for any particular semester although the general activities and requirements are likely to be similar. If you register for the course, you will receive the current version from the instructor.

Project Evaluation Grading Sheet

Student Name:___________________
___Worksheets, PIEQ, draft Introduction, Method turned in on time. (5 points)

___Project turned in on time and class attended. (5 points) OR project turned in ____________ (date; -5 first day; -10 each working day after)

__Body of project is typed. Project is in folder or bound. (NOT paperclipped or clip folder.) Everything is double-spaced, from beginning to end. Section headings (e.g., Method) are centered. (10 points)
Title: The Effect of _____ on ______

Introduction: (20 points)
___ a. an overview of the project expressed in terms of behavioral principles. Behavioral terms used correctly throughout.
___ b. 3 behavioral articles from authorized journals are summarized, tied to the project, turned in with the report.
___ c. Informed consent is provided as appropriate.
___ d. Follows APA style in citations and Reference section. No plagiarism.

Method: (10 points)
___ a. the selected target behaviors, materials, procedures and design are stated clearly and in detail in a manner that would allow someone else to repeat your steps. Obtained a baseline.
___ b. used behavioral terms correctly. Appropriate subdivisions (APA style).

Results (Do not combine this section with Discussion): (20 points)
___ a. original data collection sheets are turned in. If difficult to read, a neat version is also turned in.
___ b. appropriate, clearly labelled and titled, visual representation(s) (graphs) of the data are included . Accurate and contributes to interpretation. A mere table of data is unlikely to be sufficient.
___ c. a verbal description of the data at each stage is included.

Discussion: (15 points)
___ a. an evaluation of successes and difficulties is included.
___ b. suggestions of ways the project might be improved.
___ c. ends with a brief summary of the project, followed by a Reference page, appendices with original data, etc., and copies of the articles.

Writing skills (poor performance in this category will inevitably be reflected in poorer scores on other topics since ideas are not independent of the structure in which they are found): (15 points)
___ a. grammatically correct.
___ b. spelling is correct
___ c. The structure is clear. Typically, this is accomplished by beginning each section and paragraph with a statement previewing the content.

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