Interviewing Portfolio Assignments
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Portfolio Assignments

Syllabus Review

Homework for Class meeting two.

Complete on this page. Type or write legibly please.

This will become part of your portfolio. SAVE IT!

Name: ___________________ Date:_____________

  1. Read the syllabus, skim through the texts.
  2. Write a paragraph or 2 describing your expectations for the class. Mention any special needs you may have as a learner. (If you wish to end the semester with a neater looking portfolio, you may wish to retype this page for turning in.)
  3. 2. List 3 questions about the class you would like to have answered.
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Class Tips

Each class session, all students will be asked to record three ideas that seemed important about the material. One student each week will take and organize those ideas, collapsing redundant contributions, combining similar ideas. They will prepare a list of no more than 10 items (the most frequently mentioned) and distribute one copy to each student and 2 to the instructor at the next class session. The summary will be included in the portfolio.

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General Directions to Video or Audio Analysis (1-2 pages)

  1. Evaluate your interview(s) before viewing or listening to your tape using the attached form. (Caution: keep a master of the form and make several copies from it). (The checklist is copyrighted material, thus I cannot post it. It can be obtained on reserve in the Educational Resources Center, TPH 3rd floor).
  2. Watch or listen to your tape and re-evaluate on the same form in the last column Did you notice anything different? [Alternatively, have a classmate watch the tape and evaluate it. Tell me you have done this.]
  3. Thinking qualitatively, evaluate your performance in light of the classroom material we have covered most recently. Be sure to include what you see as your particular strengths and what areas you want to work on. (I'd like to see two strengths for every one area for growth). How does this interview reveal your philosophy or style?

Reminder: Did you obtain a signed permission form for the interviewee?? Are you keeping your materials in a safe place??
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General Directions to Counts Assignment

Select a 5 minute segment from your first videotape and from a later audio or video tape. Using the following form, listen to the first tape and count the number of times you use each of the following behaviors. Strive for objectivity. (Use a hash mark). Try to avoid double coding a single verbalization. Then repeat the counting for the second tape. (The checklist or form is copyrighted material, thus I may not post it. It can be obtained on reserve in the Educational Resources Center, TPH 3rd floor).

After completing your counts, study your data and write a brief paper on your observations. What patterns of yours do you notice? What seemed to work for you? What do you want to change and how will you change it?
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Interview 2 Persons

Find two persons who experienced the same event (You could do family members, an adult and a child, etc.). Ideally the event would be an emotionally rich one, such as surviving a tornado, the death of a family member, or birth of a child. Interview each separately about the event. Listen for similarities and differences in the description and reactions. Try to hear how each person individually experienced the event. In your write-up, briefly describe the interviews then evaluate your experiences as interviewer-- what went well, what was difficult, what you learned about interviewing. As a starting point you may wish to use the video evaluation form provided separately.

DO NOT reveal the content from one conversation to the other person. This would be violating the confidentiality of the interview. You are not playing with these people. Do NOT have both present when you are interviewing.

If you audiotape (or video if that is available) this exercise could be one of your two transcripts for the portfolio. You need only turn in the review at this time.

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