Follow an impulse! How neurotransmitters work

Objective: Upon completion of this exercise, you will a) be able to describe how neurotransmitters work in the brain and b) know how to evaluate your answers for thoroughness, not only correctness.

This will help you understand the biological models we will cover the rest of the term.

In this exercise you’ll be given a question. Try to answer it (written is better since our memories fool us into thinking we know what we don’t). Then when you are ready you’ll see an answer.

Check your work and score yourself on correctness (were you correct in your assertions?) and thoroughness (did you say as much about the topic as the answer?).

Simple “correctness” is fine for learning definitions by heart but this course material requires learning relationships among concepts which requires thoroughness. You’ll evaluate your answers for both correctness and thoroughness, which earns 1. Correct but incomplete earns 0, and Incorrect costs you one.

No one but you will see how you do, so try to be honest. If you are accurate in your self-evaluation, the feedback should tell you if you are studying this chapter material thoroughly enough.

There are 11 questions in this set and 23 pages.

Date last modified: Jan 5, 2007