Characteristics of Feeding & Eating Disorders

Welcome! This is a game in which you earn "Diagnostician Dollars" for excellent diagnositican work.

Upon successful completion of the activity you will be able to assign various symptoms or information about Feeding & Eating disorders to the correct diagnosis.

There are 15 symptoms you'll sort through.

Last Modified: October 17, 2013
You get diagnostician dollars for a correct choice.

Keep an eye on your dollar count to know if you have picked correctly. Remember—
• $10 for each correct answer,
• $5 for a partial correct answer (e.g., picking one disorder when it pertains to 2 disorders), and
• you lose $10 for each wrong answer -- so if you make one wrong guess, you can try again to get even.
• (A few times there is zero change for an answer that may be a reasonable guess, but isn't the best choice).

You may answer in any order but it helps you keep track if you work from the top down.

You can guess repeatedly on the same comment, but you'll lose dollars each time until you come to the right answer.

You can "increase" your dollars by repeating a correct choice, but then you won't know how much you really know!