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Portland State University Classroom Images

Interactive Television Classroom


Here is an interactive television classroom. There is a camera mounted to the left of the screen at the front of the room. It picks up student images to transmit to off campus sites.

There were outlets near desks for Internet connections.

ITV room, screen displayed
The computer equipment, etc., is stored in a cabinet against the wall. equipment for small classroom

Control unit. Monitors show what students see, the computer screen, the Elmo, etc.

Below are close ups of the instructor station. The instructor has a monitor and several control panels. There is also a document camera for displaying close-ups of materials.

Instructor podium from outside
Instructor podium Instructor podium

Low tech but delicious cake saying "Bon Voyage, We'll miss you Institute 2000!"

Farewell cake

City Scene of Portland with mountains in the distance.

Portland State University welcome sign.


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