Selected Resources on Scholarly Internet Instruction

Print Media

Boshier, R., Mohapi, M., Moulton, G., Qayyam, A., Sadownik, L, & Wilson, M. (1997). Best and worst dressed web courses: Strutting into the 21st century in comfort and style. Distance Education, 18(2), 327-349.

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WWW Media

Alexander, J. & Tate, M. (1998 November 30). Evaluating Web Resources. [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10].

Bass, R.(1999, January 22) Discipline and Publish: Faculty Work, Technology, and Accountability. [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10].

Brinson, J. D. & Radcliffe, M. F. (1996). An Intellectual Property Law Primer For Multimedia and Web Developers. [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10].

Watchfire Corporation. (2002). Bobby. [Online]. Available: [2002, November 4]. Note: Checks website for disability accessibility.

Eder, D. (1999, February 18). Undergraduate Assessment and Program Review. [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10]. Notice especially the Classroom Assessment Techniques link.

Eggleton, F. (1999). FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10]. This is a summary of the law.

Mahoney, M. (1996, September 1). Peer Review of Teaching/Learning Products [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10]. Note: This is a listing of different ideas, not a formal paper.

Tillman, H. (1998, November 16) Evaluating Quality on the Net. [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10]

Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications. (1996, February 20). Principles of Good Practice for Electronically Offered Academic Degree and Certificate Programs. [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10]

Wilkinson, G., Bennett, L., and Oliver, K.(1997, May 19) Evaluating the Quality of Internet Information Sources: Consolidated Listing of Evaluation Criteria and Quality Indicators. [Online]. Available: [1999, October 10]

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