Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction

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Planning for Internet Instruction

This document is to help you in planning your Internet instruction. Fill in the blanks. The answers should be posted to your Internet course for students to see as it all helps them in deciding if your course is appropriate for them and also guides their learning.


Describe Your Target Population

Demographics (age, occupation, skill level, language, etc):



Appropriate reasons for taking the course:





What motivates them to do well?



Learning Style(s):



Technological Skill Level:



Who is NOT included (Remember that anyone in the world may wander by):


Other aspects:




Course Description

Catalogue Description:



Prerequisites: (full title and course number and/or skills)


Relation to Other Courses, Programs:



Course Credits:



Time requirements:



Location requirements:



Technology requirements:



Other aspects (e.g., Language requirement):




Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course the student ....


Action verb/perform an action

Criterion for success

Under these conditions


shall critically evaluate textual and visual materials

accurate identification of author's point of view and flaws in logic

on the Web and in other popular media


























For more on writing various types of learning objectives, try the following web sites or texts:

Writing learning outcomes for the Core Curriculum (

Major Categories in the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Bloom 1956) (

Gronlund, N. (1994). How to write and use instructional objectives (5th, ed.). New York: MacMillan Pub. Co.

Mager, R. F., (1997). Preparing instructional objectives (3rd ed.). Palo Alto, CA: Feron Publisher.

Major Course Activities and Relation to Objectives

Objective #












Evaluation Methods and Relation to Objectives

Objective #

Evaluation Methods










Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction

For My Students | Admin/Research | PSY | CTL | WKU 

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