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Selected Resources

Pertaining to the Perils of On-line (Life)

Intellectual Property

Brinson, J. D. & Radcliffe, M. F. (1996). An Intellectual Property Law Primer For Multimedia and Web Developers. [Online]. Available: [2001, May 17]. Although older, this gives an accessible orientation to intellectual property

Indiana University-Purdue University - Indianapolis. (1998). Copyright Management Center. [Online]. Available: [2001, June 7].


Identity Property


Eggleton, F. (1999). FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. [Online]. Available: [2001, May 17]. This is a summary of the law.



Oliver, K. (1997, May 19). Evaluating the Quality of Internet Information Sources: Consolidated Listing of Evaluation Criteria and Quality Indicators. [Online]. Available: [2001, May 17]. Check your web materials against these criteria.

American Psychological Association. (2001). APA statement on services by telephone, teleconferencing, and Internet. [Online]. Available: [2001, June 6.]


Physical - On-line


Pascarelli, E. & Quilter, D. (1994). Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User's Guide. NY: John Wiley & Sons.



Equal Access to Software and Implementation. (2002). EASI. Available: [2002, November 4].

Kuhlenschmidt, S., Pigford, D., Heaps, A, Abrell, C. (2001). Making the university learning environment more accessible for the visually disabled student. Available: [2001, June 6].

Watchfire Corporation. (2002). Bobby. [Online]. Available: [2002, November 4]. Checks website for disability accessibility.

Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction

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