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Selected Resources of Interest to Those Involved in Internet Instruction

Print Media

I maintain a list with my personal reviews of texts at http://edtech.wku.edu/~internet/resour.htm.

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WWW Media

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Kuhlenschmidt, S. (1999, February 22). Psy 501: Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction. [Online]. Available: http://edtech.wku.edu/~internet [2001, May 17]. Note: This is the course I teach for college instructors and administrators. It is entirely on-line.

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Your Local Resources

Who is responsible for faculty development on your campus? _________________________ ph. #_________

Who is responsible for technology training on your campus? _________________________ ph. #_________

Who has graphics arts training? _________________________ ph. #_________

Which administrator is in charge of the schools distance learning initiatives? _________________________ ph. #_________

Which administrators (at any level) are most likely to be supportive of your initiatives? _________________________ ph. #_________

Which faculty are most likely to be supportive? _________________________ ph. #_________

What courses are available to provide you with the technological and pedagogical background? Be sure to look at all departments as these types of courses often show up in a variety of places:


What community resources can you call upon (e.g., technical schools, area computer users groups)?



2001 CPE Presentation | Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction

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