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Audience Metaphors

Following are the metaphors and the descriptors provided by the audience.

If technology were an ____ it would be ____.

Animal spider Holstein cow parasitic chamelion bear-lion ("blion")
Food hot dish sweets that aren't nourishing spam salad jello pineapple toast
Place Grand Canyon Manhattan Canton, Missouri where the locks are Great Barrier Reef
Weather Storm System turbulent tropical afternoon--anything can happen rain that turns into a rainbow
TV/movie Richard Simmons show Speed 12 Angry Men McGyver  

Sorry but I lost track of which comments went with some of the metaphors.

Overall themes of the metaphors conveyed changeability and overwhelming size and complexity. They also include notions of speed and power, of many parts and many uses.

Parasitic, chameleon...: can such the life out of you.

Spider: fear, bites, weaves,

Holstein cow: Can be used inappropriately (think of cow seat covers) and requires the personal touch.

Grand Canyon: Pleasing to view and really big. Can get lost.

Manhattan: a blend of old and new, state of the art.

Hot dish/salad: so many parts/options.

Jello: work with it commonly, but if you aren't careful it can dissolve.

Toast: it pops up and may be over or under done. If it didn't work, you're toast.

Weather: powerful, fast and different in different places. Tough to fly in.

Richard Simmons Show: have to keep going whether you want to or not. You sweat and smell. And there's extra baggage.

Speed (the movie): Fast and lots of confusion. If you stop, you blow up.

12 Angry Men: People are gradually being convinced..first just one, then by the end of the film, all of them.

McGyver: adaptability.

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