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New Faculty Bus Trip Fall 2000

Revisit our Route on the Web

Lincoln's Birthplace (

We didn't get to visit Munfordville's Civil War battle, but if you are interested here is an article on it ( and the National Park Service basic information is at

past Wigwam Village (

past HorseCave Theater (

Glasgow Extended Campus (

Barren River State Park for lunch. (

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A good article about intellectual property on-line is An Intellectual Property Law Primer for Multimedia and Web Developers by J.Dianne Brinson & Mark F. Radcliffe ( WKU's Intellectual Property policy can be found at:

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On the Road!

climbing steps to Memorial

Climbing stairs to Lincoln's birthplace.

File: P9090001.jpg

(I decided to not put names because some may not want their names in a public place. I can help if you are trying to remember someone.)

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial containing "birthplace" cabin.

File: P9090002.jpg

lob cabin

"Lincoln cabin"

File: P9090003.jpg

log cabin

"Lincoln cabin"

File: P9090004.jpg

group photo

The beautiful people who went on the trip!

File: P9090006.jpg

(If you are following the file numbers, 5 was out of focus).

group photo

2nd take of the beautiful people.

File: P9090007.jpg

Lincoln's spring

Spring the Lincoln's used

File: P9090008.jpg

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