Haz Mat Scare at WKU Craven's Library

October 17, 2001

From the Inside

About 11:50 a library staffer reports a suspicious package. (It was sent from a high school in California supposedly, but the high school didn't exist. The address was written in all block letters).

The building exits were locked. People were told to stay on their current floor and not leave. Caution tape circled the building and fire engines, etc. started to arrive by 12:15. They arrived quietly.

The hazardous materials experts from CDC came very quickly from Nashville (arriving about 1:30). Their truck had a child's wading pool on the top?? They suited up and entered the office where the strange package was.

The press were slow to arrive -- maybe 1:15.

We amused ourselves taking pictures and the students wrote messages to the outside world, "Send Pizza" and "USA We shall prevail (with pizza)." The press loved it.

The field report was negative (nothing hazardous). They asked if we wanted to be hosed off-- no one did.

Finally, about 2:00, they started letting people leave. They wouldn't let anyone leave without leaving their name. And if you left, you couldn't come back.

Pictures (Use your back button to return to this page).

The view outside

The guys in the hazmat suits

Quarantine craziness

Created October 17, 2001.